Delphina Moongem

Elven herbalist of Winterhaven, alias of Inyaga, a changling agent of House Phiarlan


Type: Minor

Overview: an elf herbalist who has captured by kobolds along the Old King’s Road, but freed by the first party. She was extremely grateful to the party, vouched for them to Lord Padraig, and provided information. She is an oddity in Winterhaven, a settlement with no other elves other than the occasional traveler.

Description: a pretty “young” elf maiden, something of a whimsical free spirit.

Location: Winterhaven

Plot Ties: none.

Additional Notes: provided accurate information on the location of Irontooth’s Lair. Has gathered herbs at the abandoned keep north of Winterhaven recently, but saw nothing unusual – doesn’t believe that is the keep the party is looking for.

Update: it’s now become apparent that there is more to Delphina than meets the eye. The party has observed Valthrun the Prescient furtively speaking with her, and their suspicions were further heightened when she gave poor herbalist advice. When she tried to slip out of Winterhaven at night, the party pursued and caught her. Under questioning, Delphia revealed that she was actually Inyaga, a changeling spy-for-hire.

She explains that she was hired by a man some time ago to observe and report on comings and goings in Winterhaven. Recently, he asked her to befriend and spy on a group of kobold hunters who had been dispatched from Fallcrest. With the aid of some of his kobold agents, Delphina/Inyaga was “rescued” from her kobold “captors” in order to get close to the party. The kobolds were not aware of this part of the plan, which was detrimental to their health.

Inyaga refused to discuss her activities further and did not divulge her employer or his location. She insisted she was “House-sworn” (akin to a “made man” in modern parlance) and killing her would lead to retribution. She persuasively explained that she was no fanatic or minion, but a professional. She would cease working for the client if the party let her go. In return, she would treat the party as professionals themselves and return the favor some day. Ultimately the party concurred that killing her wasn’t necessary.

Note – the party that conducted all of the above is deceased. The current party is unaware of these things.

Delphina Moongem

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