Eilian the Old

Paid informant of Lord Markelhay


Eilian is more than he seems. He’s a farmer with land along the Old King’s Road near Winterhaven. Most knew him as the friendly old talkative drunk who’d frequent Wrafton’s Inn almost every night, chatting up passerby. That was before two groups of goblinoid mercenaries sought him out and had hushed conferences with him at the inn, and before he sheltered a kobold suspected of double-crossing the first group of mercs. Eilian is actually a disgraced former soldier who became an informant in the employ of Lord Markelhay (and possibly others).

Description: Eilian is a Brelish human male in his 60s, who acts a real good tipsy local farmer and gossip, but is in fact a pretty sharp observer who is never as drunk as he seems. He’s generally folksy, but when talking about business his persona dramatically changes to stern and sharp.

Location: Winterhaven

Plot Ties: He is the party’s contact in Winterhaven for business relating to kobold hunting (see Lord Markelhay).

Additional Notes:

  • The party has tactlessly broken his cover, he’s not likely to stick around in Winterhaven much longer, and he’s probably none too pleased with the PCs.
  • The cause of Eilian’s disgrace is unknown, but it’s probably how Lord Markelhay kept him in his employ.

Update: all the above happened with the previous, now deceased, party. The current party is unaware of the above.

Eilian the Old

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