Crime boss of Sharn, PC patron


Glipkerio (the Fat, the Greedy, the Merchant)

Overview: A minor underworld crimeboss of Sharn, involved in smuggling, gambling, and protection rackets. He works mostly through the Goblinoid immigrant communities of the Stink District.

Description: Glipkerio cultivates a truly massive, corpulent, body – in the goblin mind, only the truly powerful and wealthy can afford to be fat. He is bald, sweats profusely, and dresses finely. He has an odd habit of asking himself questions when talking, almost as if thinking aloud.

Location: Lower levels of Sharn, in the Stink District. His office is behind Moog’s Appraisal and Pawn Shoppe. He is co-owner of the Black Eel tavern, a known hangout for his agents. In addition, Glipkerio has contacts throughout Breland and possibly further. He is known to have agents in Fallcrest and Winterhaven.

Plot Ties: Glipkerio is attempting to smuggle in a dangerous combat drug known as “Dragon’s Fury” on behalf of a mysterious client, “Ool Yesugai”. The shipment has been intercepted. Glipkerio seems quite fearful of Ool Yesugai’s wrath and is desperately trying to recover the goods as quickly as possible. One chest has been recovered from a kobold lair by the previous party (RIP), and another has been found in the lair of Irontooth near Winterhaven. Two others remain and are believed to be in the possession of Irontooth’s boss, the mysterious Kalarel. Recovering the chests is a Quest with an XP reward.

Additional Notes: 1. What are these drugs for? Four chests make for a lot of Dragon’s Fury. 2. Who is Ool Yesugai?

Update: The above only applied to the first two, now deceased, parties. The current party has no relation to Glipkerio nor do they know about the Dragon’s Fury.


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