The party knows little of Kalarel other than he seems to be the key figure in the attempt to unite the kobold tribes around Winterhaven, and appears to have the remaining Dragon’s Fury chests. He may be the person who raised the kobold skeletons who battled the second party in Irontooth’s lair.

Description: Clad in scale armor, Kalarel makes a formidable figure. Despite his pale flesh and gaunt cheeks, he moves with strength and vitality. His eyes are glazed with fanaticism.

Location: Keep on the Shadowfell.

Plot Ties: Kalarel has written two significant letters that have fallen into the party’s hands. The first letter was an offer of alliance to the white dragon of Fallcrest and revealed that Kalarel was attempting to unite the kobolds of the region. That letter also mentioned a gift of Dragon’s Fury and suggested that Kalarel knows of an abandoned keep that would be a more suitable lair for the dragon. The second letter was found among the possessions of Irontooth. That letter discusses how Kalarel will arrive shortly to bolster Irontooth’s decimated troops, and that Kalarel’s agent in Winterhaven thinks more adventurers may come. The letter also says that the scholar “X” isn’t cooperating, but that he will soon guide them to the dragon graveyard.

Additional Notes: 1. What does Kalarel want with the dragon graveyard? Is it urgent to stop him? 2. Why is he attempting to unite the local tribes? 3. Where is his lair? 4. Who is his agent in Winterhaven?

Updates: The party has identified his agent in Winterhaven (Delphina/Inyaga), and his lair. The party has also recovered the dragon bone with the Draconic Prophecy on it, though they are not quite sure what it says or does. They have taken it to Valthrun the Prescient.

Note the above only applies to the previous, now deceased, party. The current party is unaware of this.


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