Lord Warden Faren Markelhay


The lord of Fallcrest and the surrounding environs. He is short on skilled men, and is therefore a known provider of Adventuring Company Charters and other form of employment.

Description: An old warhorse. A veteran of the Last War, a burly man in his 50s but clearly still capable of expertly wielding a blade and leading men. He thinks of kobolds in the same way that he thinks of wolves – a nuisance that need to be periodically culled.

Plot Ties:

  • Lord Markelhay has given the party a Charter to clear out any kobold lairs in the environs of Fallcrest. In addition, the party is to identify and hopefully eliminate whoever is trying to unite the kobold tribes in the region. This is a Quest with an XP reward. Update: that party died trying. Failed quest.
  • The current party has been asked to travel north along the Winter River and visit a small community of elves to see why the monthly trade barge hasn’t arrived. This is a Minor Quest with an XP reward for successful completion.

Additional Notes:

Lord Warden Faren Markelhay

All Roads Lead to Sharn snuh