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What do you get…

when you take grown men seeking to relive the halcyon days of their D&D playing youth, add some fantastic BBQ, and a healthy dose of hooch? This adventure wiki.

Welcome to our group’s gaming wiki. This campaign is based on the H series adventure path from WotC, mildly adapted for Eberron. We are currently playing the Keep on the Shadowfell module.

Quotes ‘Nuff said.

Loot Treasure currently possesses by the party.

Synopsis Brief summary of the storyline to date.

Plot Elements This portion of the wiki deals with clues, quests, and other plot items from the players perspective. Please feel free to edit as new information or interpretations arise.

Geography Places, cultures, landmarks. Edit as appropriate.

The Player Characters

Because we play D&D like it was Team Fortress, we might as well have Achievements.

Main Page

All Roads Lead to Sharn snuh